Welcome Letter

When you hire Hortilawn, LLC - you will be hiring one of the fastest growing lawn care companies in Minnesota.  

The reason a lot of people switch from other companies to us, is because we use a high quality Organic Fertilizer.  

And then, just spot spray the weeds.  When you see our fertilizer, you’ll see it’s different looking than other companies.  Our fertilizer is browner and smells like the farm.  

Following a granular application, we blow off the Driveway and Sidewalks.  Cut your lawn on the highest setting. 


We Offer Weekly Mowing


Hortilawn will give your lawn a quality application.  

Following a lawn treatment, we leave you “After Treatment Turf Care Tips” recommending what to do with watering, mowing, kids and pets.  
It’s easy, just stay off until dry.  Plus we leave you with instructions on what type of grass seed to buy, and what strand of grass seed not to buy.  

Hortilawn uses the best grass seed in the country 0.00% weed seeds, sub-zero temperature tolerant.  Also, disease and drought resistant.  

Our Five Lawn Treatments, Core Aeration and Over Seeding is the most popular lawn program ordered.  

Lawn Treatment Notification Signs will be posted after each lawn care treatment is applied.  If you want, wait until after the first watering or rain fall, then, stay off until dry.  The weed control we use is mild, taking three sometimes four regular treatments to get the weeds.  

You can call two weeks after your third regularly scheduled treatment was applied and request a Free Weed Control Service Call.  Please mow your lawn on the highest setting all year long.  Lowering the blade in the fall will injure your lawn. 

Thank you for considering our Lawn Care Program.  We look forward to being of service to you.