Instructions Post Core Aeration

Core Aeration and Over Seed.  The tiny plugs of soil that remain on the surface of your lawn will work their way back into the ground after a couple of waterings.  

If you received Over Seeding today, lightly water in the seed for about ten minutes or so.  Then try to lightly water a little bit in the mornings and a little bit in the evenings, for a couple of weeks.  It will eventually rain, but in the mean time try to help the grass seeds along by giving your lawn a little water once in a while.

I recommend Core Aeration and Over Seeding at least once, Every Year.  

Some people will have Core Aeration and Over Seeding done twice every year.  

Grass seeds and weed seeds can sit dormant in the soil for up to fifteen years, and when there is a thinning or open spot in the soil then something will want to germinate, and if you are over seeding every year then some of your grass seeds will also sit dormant for fifteen years.  We hope that when something wants to germinate it will be a fresher wanted grass seed instead of an older unwanted weed seed.  

Have Core Aeration and Over Seeding done each year from Hortilawn.  Hortilawn uses their own customized, high quality grass seed with 0.00% weed seeds written on the ingredient label of our grass seed bags.  Products with 0.00% weed seeds are hard to find over the counter.  We are not able to control Mother Nature so we recommend being on our five treatment program which helps keep your lawn looking its best.  


or 612-724-7277

Customers that signed up for weed control and fertilizer treatments still may get some weeds in between the first and the second treatments.  Normally, we don’t spray for weeds during the first treatment.  This year we have had to spray weeds earlier than most other years.  Even when we spray the weeds during the first treatment it may be non effective because it is still to cool at night and your weeds may not absorb the weed control until it is warmer.  

The second, third and fourth treatments are when we get the most control on the weeds.  Please be patient.  The first treatment we applied a pre-emergent crabgrass control, lime and a spring time fertilizer, also we may have sprayed dandelions and other weeds.  

Weeds may continue to appear between the first and second treatments.  Hang in there because by the end of your third treatment you shouldn’t have any more weeds.  We will re-spray the weeds for free.  Hortilawn blows off the sidewalks, driveway and patio after granular applications. 


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