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Thank You for choosing HORTILAWN, LLC  -  This year (2013) will be a good year for grass plants in Minnesota.  Most lawns I see have some degree of Drought Damage - Called Summer Kill.  The sunny areas in your lawn may still have thinning or dead spots caused by the drought during 2012.  Our TOP SOIL and SEED MIX will bring your lawn back to life.  Have us put a layer on your whole lawn or maybe just a hill, Front/Back Only, or Blvd.  The results are impressive.  Hortilawn's custom organic Top Soil and Seed Mix is superior to any other name brand Top Soil n Seed.  Core Aerartion helps alot when done before our TOP SOIL and SEED MIX.  Call Now for a Free Estimate.

HORTILAWN'S Exclusive Organic TOP SOIL and SEED MIX will grow very nicely for you too!


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